Next Wave Festival 2012 Documentation

Urban mythmaker Justin Shoulder creates a unique fusion of live performance and theatrical ceremony. Faith speaks of a God that created the angels pure and good, but subjected them to a test. Some passed triumphantly, while others rebelled and were eternally tortured in Hell. These are the devils and demons; implanting passion and obsession, they can utterly derange human faculties.

Calling to life a demon for today, the creature ‘V’ is manifest. In a ceremony of the senses the theatre becomes an altar for V to revel in the beauty and horror of contemporary idolatry and its fifteen minutes of fame.

Devisor/Performer/Costumes: Justin Shoulder
Vision Designer: Toby K
Original Music: Nick Wales
Creative Producer and outside eye: Jeff Stein

Date: July, 2012 Client: Jeff Stein Skills: Art Documentation