The River Eats

Next Wave Festival 2012 Documentation

Articulating our fears about contemporary living, Justin Shoulder welcomes us to the Land of One Thousand Distractions. Here all the comforts of the modern world materialise in 3D as you click NEXT. Navigating this terrain is the creature ‘Pinky’: an over caffeinated, hyperactive, attention-deficient demon. In this fable exploring distraction in the digital age and our changing relationship to the natural environment, the theatre becomes Pinky’s landscape as we uncover instinct and primal impulse in Pinky’s search for meaning.

Devisor/Performer/Costumes: Justin Shoulder
Vision Designer: Toby K
Original Music: Nick Wales
Creative Producer and outside eye: Jeff Stein

Date: July, 2012 Client: Jeff Stein Skills: Art Documentation