About Us

Man of the Tree is a video production company working across broadcast networks for not-for-profit and arts organisations, bringing ideas to life through imaginative documentary filmmaking.

We create original and inspiring films by developing a deep understanding of your vision and exploring the unique nature of your stories. Our philosophy embraces open communication and a collaborative approach to storytelling that gets to the heart of your messages.

Our extensive experience includes producing online videos for culture and arts projects, fundraising campaigns, community engagement programs, social enterprise projects and business startups. Whether you need a full production team for a documentary or a single camera operator for part of a bigger project we can help.

Takeshi Kondo is the founder and creative force behind Man of the Tree Productions. He graduated from Japan University College of Art and began his career in Tokyo working on groundbreaking online video productions for arts, culture, music and news programs. For the past decade he has lived and worked in Melbourne taking on such roles as director, editor, producer and camera operator for many organisations and projects.

If you have a story to share we would love to hear about it. Contact us here