Tristan Meecham – FUN RUN – Sydney Festival

“… as the sun set and the run­ner entered the final leg of the race, the atmos­phere was elec­tric among onlook­ers still none the wiser as to why they were even there. A gold medal affair.” — John Bai­ley — The Age

When the Greek mes­sen­ger Phei­dip­pi­des ran to Athens to announce the Persian’s defeat in the bat­tle of Marathon, he ran 42.2 kilo­me­tres with­out stop­ping, burst into the Athen­ian assem­bly, deliv­ered his news and died on the spot. FUN RUN is his story…

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Date: 2013/05/16 Client: Insite Arts Skills: Art Documentation Website: