MEETING reveals a fascination with the articulation of the body and mind in motion. A choreographic study stripped to the bare essentials, the work pairs Antony Hamilton’s compulsive choreography with Alisdair Macindoe’s obsessive machine-making practice.

The two performers share space with 64 robotic percussion instruments. A relentless stream of activity unfolds, where the bodies enter states of heightened physical and mental agency, with all actions carried by the meditative pulse of the machine beat.

A focused recital, with Hamilton’s unique physical grammar and Macindoe’s bespoke musical instrument making, MEETING composes the body, the space and the robots into a dynamic and riveting choreographic sound installation.

Director, Choreographer & Performer: Antony Hamilton
Instrument Design & Construction, Composer, Performer: Alisdair Macindoe
Lighting Designer & Production Manager: Bosco Shaw
Costume Designer: Paula Levis
Producer: Insite Arts, Freya Waterson
Video Documentation: Takeshi Kondo

Performance History 2015
Kiasma (Finland)
Theatre Im Pfalzbau (Germany)
Trafo Theatre (Hungary)
Dance Massive (AUS)

MEETING was created and presented with the generous support of The Australia Council for the Arts, and The City of Melbourne through Arts House.

Date: 2015 November Client: Insite Arts Skills: Art Documentation Website: