Universal Estate

Universal Estate is a world of light, sound, objects and movement; a living sculpture where retro-futurism meets contemporary nihilism. Two humans navigate an environment of strange technological objects with no known function. They meander aimlessly in a world that has left them with a seemingly never-ending collection of superseded manufactured tools and materials.

Multi-award-winning dancer and choreographer Antony Hamilton is internationally renowned for his innovative works that are playful yet profound. Universal Estate responds to a dilemma resulting from the industrial and technological revolutions of recent centuries, questioning our throw-away society, our obsession with the next latest thing and how we can find meaning in a world made up of the material things of past generations.

Director, Choreographer, Concept and Object Design: Antony Hamilton
Sound Designer, Video Synthesiser Design and Fabrication: Alisdair Macindoe
Lighting Designer: Matthew Adey
Costume Consultant: Paula Levis

CAD and Object Construction / Facilitation: Bosco Shaw
Performers: Cody Lavery, Kyall Shanks
Producer: Freya Waterson

Universal Estate was created with the generous support of the Australia Council for the Arts and the City of Melbourne. The work was originally commissioned by Arts House for Dance Massive 2019.

Date: 2019 June Client: Chunky Move Skills: Art Documentation, Promo, Teaser Website: chunkymove.com/