Traditional Healthcare in INDIA 2009 – Teaser

Short Teaser for Traditional Healthcare Documentary

In 2007, two Australian acupuncturists, Natasja Fox and Thomas Connor visited remote India. After seeing the health conditions in small villages, They decided to volunteer their services.

When word spread that these western trained Chinese medicine practitioner were going to a village called Datam, hundreds of people made their way to the makeshift clinic, some walking up to three days for the treatment.

They treated people suffering from malnourishment, stroke, paralysis and many other conditions. Many had never been given any medical attention in their lives. The volunteers managed to treat over 200 people in few days, countless others were left untreated.

This short experience changed the focus of their lives forever.

They returned to Australia determined to raise funds by any means. They had to do something to change the dire situation for these incredibly humble and joyful people, and long term – to provide healthcare for others in the world in need.

This is how the dream of Traditional Healthcare was born.

This short documentary was created to record the 2nd visit of Traditional Healthcare in India 2009.

Date: November, 2009 Client: Traditional Healthcare Skills: Sustainability, Teaser Website: