The Chat

The Chat is a performance created and performed by artists and ex-criminal offenders.

Through role play, tag-teaming, role reversal and live commentary, ex-offenders actively create, control and destroy the theatrical reality they have constructed.

They are joined on-stage by the makers (James Brennan, David Woods and Ashley Dyer) who lead them through the performance tasks- in a score that also asks them to analyse their own experience of the performance throughout the work.

The interactive technical design (created by visual artist Alex Davies), employs live cameras, hidden microphones and pitch-shifting voice effects: under the control of the performers it magnifies the power, paranoia and intimacy of these exchanges. The theatre becomes the tense, liminal space where an offender stands on the brink of freedom – any small mistake could send them back to prison.

Second Development Workshop

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Date: 2015 Client: James Brennan Website: