Green Room Awards Art Doco 2021

2021. Art Doco is co-created by Takeshi Kondo of Man of the Tree, and Green Room Awards Association Co-Presidents Sapidah Kian and Eugyeene Teh. It is presided over by the Art Oracle, Erica McCalman.

“An Art Doco?”, you say. “But why?”

For the past 38 years, the primary output of the Green Room Awards Association has been to present an awards ceremony celebrating the best in Victorian performing arts. However, last year was one of challenge, change and adaptation. The sector navigated the slings and arrows of COVID, closing venues, going into lockdown and watching the industry come to a grinding halt. In short, we’ve changed, and we want to celebrate the Victorian performing arts sector while acknowledging the seismic shifts that occurred in 2020.

Each Green Room panel has deliberated over how to best represent their part of the industry, so for 2021 you’ll notice that our nominations and awards may look different. Nominations, acknowledgments and some awards will be announced via Green Room Awards social media channels in the coming weeks.

2021. Art Doco | Green Room Awards | Credits

Co creation, Design and Dramaturgy – Eugyeene Teh
Co creation, Writing and Dramaturgy – Sapidah Kian
Co creation, Direction and Editing – Takeshi Kondo

On Screen Appearances:
Art Oracle – Erica McCalman
Patron – Uncle Jack Charles
Seeker – Eugyeene Teh
Performers – Raina Peterson, Marco Cher-Gibard
Representing Independent Theatre – Mark Pritchard [Chair]
Representing Cabaret – Mama Alto
Representing Opera – Shauntai Batzke
Representing Music Theatre – Will Conyers [Chair]
Representing Contemporary & Experimental Theatre – Dan Koop [Co-Chair]
Representing Theatre Companies – Daniela Farinacci [Co-Chair]
Representing Dance – Philipa Rothfield [Co-Chair]
Voice – Sapidah Kian
Vale composition – Marco Cher-Gibard

Animation Design by Bec Stegh
Sound Desgn & Composition by Marco Cher-Gibard
Vale Compilation by Ryan Smedley and Will Conyers
Audio Desription by Vision Australia
Caption Proofing by Rachel Perks
Produced by GRAA Executive Committee
Associate Producer – Leah Milburn-Clark
Assistant Producer – Kiya van der Linden-Kian
Intern – Silvia Weijia Shao

GRAA Executive Committee:
Co-President – Sapidah Kian
Co-President – Eugyeene Teh
Vice President – Meg Upton
Secretary (Acting) – Karen Simpson
Treasurer – Jeremy Rice
Marketing/Comms Manager – Siobhan Kranz
Copy Editor – Nicky Klempfner Ticketing – Karen Simpson

GRAA Panellists:
Cabaret -
Maude Davey
Bridget Bantick
Mama Alto
Brian Robertson
Pieta Farrell
Jude Perl
Tom Dickins
Michelle Brasier
Margot Tanjutco
Fiona Scott Norman

Contemporary and Experimental Performance -
Sarah Austin
Dan Koop
Mish Grigor
Kim Kaos
Madeleine Flynn
Melinda Hetzel
SJ Norman
David Ralph
Ian Pidd
Jamie Lewis

Philipa Rothfield
Marco Cher-Gibard
Niklas Pajanti
Angela Conquet

Independant Theatre -
Mark Pritchard
Ra Chapman
Emma Hall
Kate Hood
Carla Donnelly
Myron My
Lisa Mibus
Anne-Marie Peard
Lara Week
John Marc Desengano
Danny Delahunty
Yvonne Virsik
Alice Qin
Stephen Nicolazzo

Musical Theatre -
Will Conyers
James Millar
Thern Reynolds
Jackie Rees
Jamie Henson
Kim Bishop
Rebecca Moore
Cameron Menzies
Prashanti Middling
Sonya Suares

Opera -
Angus Grant
Christina Smith
Alan Barker
Dermot Tutty
Margaret Haggart
Liane Keegan
Kerry Murphy
Shauntai Batzke
Lisette Bolton

Theatre Companies -
Daniela Farinacci
Blair Hart
Mark Hennessy
Tahlee Fereday
Gary Abrahams
Jennifer Vuletic
Katie Sfetkidis
Kat Chan

Supported by:
City of Melbourne
Auspicious Arts Logo
Man of the Tree Productions

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