Earthship Biotecture Seminar in Melbourne

“Sustainable Autonomy for Everyone” S.A.F.E.

February 17th, 18, 19th,  2012

Village Roadshow Theatre @ State Library of Victoria

Sustainable “Off-Grid” Homes Made of Recycled Materials. The Ultimate in Green Buildings.
The acclaimed Earthship Biotecture Multimedia Seminar and Q&A covers all aspects of
Earthship Biotecture, the international sustainable “off-grid” housing concept that
incorporates recycled materials into “groundbreaking” housing structures.

Images of current, recent and past Earthship projects throughout the United States, Haiti,
Canada, Spain, Belgium, France, India, Georgia and more are shown and discussed throughout
the presentation. Earthship retrofit, taking traditional structures “off-grid,” growing food
will be covered, along with basic Earthship building techniques.

Date: June, 2012 Client: Earthship Skills: Sustainability, Teaser Website: