A science fiction revelation

A Chamber Made work by Robin Fox and collaborators

Presented as part of Melbourne International Arts Festival in association with The SUBSTATION.

Inspired by the concepts found in the first chapter of Australian author Greg Egan’s legendary science fiction masterpiece of the same name, Diaspora presents a uniquely utopian reading of what life might be like if we surrender to the fact that software can be, and in fact is already, superhumanly organic.

As we theorise and catastrophise about the perils of technology we often overlook the possibility that it could not only save our species but that it could also be a beautiful step in evolution towards an ethereal, non-body, consciousness.

Using projection, illusions and lasers, a truly futuristic visual design houses an ensemble of extraordinary musicians who are charged with sonifying the complex and multi-layered build of a digital life-form.

Skills: Art Documentation, Teaser