• CASTILLO – Prue Lang

CASTILLO – Prue Lang

Projection video edit and Filming androids only

Winner BEST PERFORMER Green Room Awards 2023

Concept & Direction: Prue Lang

Choreography: Prue Lang and Jana Castillo

Performer: Jana Castillo

Composer: Chiara Costanza

Lighting designer: Lisa Mibus

Video: Prue Lang, Pippa Samaya, Takeshi Kondo androids: Mathieu Briand

Producer: Alison Halit

Photos: Anne Moffat

This project is funded and supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance through the Makers program, Chunky Move, Dancehouse, Lucy Guerin Inc.

Date: 2022 March Client: Prue Lang Skills: Exhibit and Projection, Multi Media Website: https://www.pruelang.com/2023/castillo/