ButohOUT! Out of Order

ButohOUT! 2023 presented a new experiment in the form of a bizarre nightclub, known as the ButohBAR, featuring dance, cabaret, song, poetry and visual arts woven together by Butoh – originally called the Dance of Darkness.

Reviving the 70’s/80’s era where Butoh thrived in nightclubs and strip joints, ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER summoned the raw spirit of those times, embracing the metaphor of a human world out of order to provoke reflection on our own post-pandemic existence.

Transformed the Abbotsford Convent, Industrial School, ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER has immersed audiences in a surreal, macabre, absurd yet euphoric world. An invitation to confront and celebrate being out of order, the works shine a light on aspects of life that can be difficult to chew, swallow, and digest. Within this absurdity, ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER gives the audience an unconventional form of relief by way of a spiritual upheaval, connection, celebration and exploration.


Co-creator / artistic director/ choreographer Yumi Umiumare
Co-creator / creative producer Taka Takiguchi 滝口貴
Visual artist Jacqui Stockdale
Voice artist Emma Bathgate
Sound designer Ai Yamamoto
Creative assistant Helen Smith
Lighting designer Emma Lockhart-Wilson
International Butoh artist (online) & producer Hal Tanaka & Hiroshi Morishima (Hokkaido Butoh Festival)

ButohOUT! Ensemble 2023, Emma Bathgate, Hal Tanaka (Online), Willow J Conway and Yumi Umiumare

ButohOUT! Ensemble 2023
Alex Moon, Alex Rouse, Cora Hughes, EbemToala, Elizabeth Nicholls, Em Kimber, Emma Fayelecaun, Holly Rowan, Jessie Ngaio, Kei Murakami, Michael Chia, Pauline Sherlock, Samantha Helps, Spira Stojanovik and Tania Perez

Guest performers
Maude Davey, Moira Finucane & Dan West

Lighting operation & stage manager Celina Mack
FoH co-ordinator Kei Murakami
FoH assistant Cora Hughes

Publicist Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)
Website & Graphic Design Taka Takiguchi 滝口貴
Photographer Vikk Shayen
Video Documentation & Edit Takeshi Kondo
Second Camera Rxben

Tamura Sake Bar & Izakaya

Date: 2023 Dec Client: ButohOUT Skills: Art Documentation, Teaser Website: https://www.butohout.com/butohout-2023