Body Crysis – Sam Mcgilp and Harrison Hall

Multi CAMs (x4) Filming + live streaming for Taipei + Online Game

Filming: Takeshi Kondo
Editing: Sam Mcgilp

Body Crysis/身體災變 is a choreographic work with (re)animated bodies, stretching the bounds of our newfound digital corporeality. It transmutes dance, motion capture and CG animation into a simultaneous, shared performance between Newport and Taipei, in the flesh and online.

Long time collaborators Harrison Hall and Sam Mcgilp have teamed up with NAXS FUTURE, a Taipei-based media art collective to present a hybrid live/digital dance work of impossible choreography, biomimicry and techno-morphology.

Performed simultaneously at The Substation and online, Body Crysis/身體災變 is the culmination of two years of experiments in motion capture and digital choreography by two artists who are fast gaining a reputation for their visionary approach to genre fluid performance.

The Substation Main Space will be transformed into an animated environment enveloped by projection. Embracing the glitch, dancers move in states of shared embodiment with digital forms and each other.

Body Crysis/身體災變 is decentralised and untethered. It will be performed synchronously in an online, purpose-built, digital environment created by NAXS FUTURE, available to view here worldwide, while formidable quintet Prairie WWWW transmit both audio and 3D depth data live from Taipei directly to The Substation.

Lead Artists: Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp & NAXS FUTURE
Creative & Art Director: Han Yu-Feng
Project Manager: Chun-Ting Chen
Scene Design, Player Character Design & Web UI Design: Eg.lio
System & Interactive Development: KP Wong & YJ Huang
Technical Art: Wei Huang
Sound Design & Live Performance: Prairie WWWW
Performer & Collaborator: Cody Lavery, Imanuel Dado, Samuel Harnett-Welk

Real-time Artist / Developer : Liam Wolfe
Lead Avatar Design: Luca Dante
Lighting Design: Jenny Hector
Set Design: Lotus Hall
Costume: Sez Brez
Producers: Erin Milne and Xavier O’Shannessy

Photos: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Presented by The Substation and Footscray Community Arts as part of NEIGHBOURHOOD Festival.

Commissioned by The Substation.

Date: 2023 Aug Client: Sam Mcgilp and Harrison Hall Skills: Art Documentation, Exhibit and Projection, Multi Media Website: