A Small Prometheus

“There are moments of sheer heart-stopping beauty.” ABC Arts
*WINNER of the Helpmann Award for Best Choreography in a Dance or Physical Theatre Work, 2014*

Helpmann Award Nominee – Best Choreography
Green Room Award Nominee – Best Visual Design

The highly charged and evocative sound and smell of a struck match provide the ignition point for A Small Prometheus, a work about the consequences of small actions and the fragility of physical systems.

Two of Australia’s most exciting and uncompromising artists, Stephanie Lake and Robin Fox, seamlessly intermesh choreography, sound and objects to create rich tension in a work that swings deftly between chaotic, free-form experiments and mechanically intricate moments. A Small Prometheus creates a strange and enthralling world of darkness, light and the spark that mediates the two.

A Small Prometheus
Created by Choreographer Stephanie Lake and Composer/Sculpture Designer Robin Fox
World Premiere | Melbourne Festival 2013, Arts House
Dancers: Lee Serle, Lauren Langlois, Rennie McDougall, Lily Paskas, Alana Everett
Lighting Deigner: Jen Hector
Costume Designer: Harriet Oxley
Production Manager: Richard Dineen
Producer: Freya Waterson, Insite Arts
Film Documentation: Takeshi Kondo, Tim Brown

Date: 2014 Client: Insite Arts Skills: Art Documentation Website: stephanielake.com.au/