• 4/4 – Chunky Move

4/4 – Chunky Move

Filming: Takeshi Kondo
Editing: M35

4/4 is the blueprint for choreographic precision. Eight dancers perform a stark symphony of mesmerising movement inside the industrial vastness of the Merlyn theatre. As episode after episode builds upon the last, quartets and duets converge and diverge in ever more hypnotic configurations.

Collaborator Alisdair Macindoe’s sound design uses metronome arrangements to create harmony and discord in its composition, echoing the complexity of the dance. Hamilton and Macindoe wowed international audiences for three years running with their last major collaboration – 2015 Bessie Award winning MEETING. 4/4 reunites their idiosyncratic sound and movement language once again for a new generation of dance-lovers.

In a world full of commotion and clamour, 4/4 is a captivating meditation of meticulous dance.

Date: 2023 Aug Client: Chunky Move Skills: Promo Website: https://chunkymove.com/works/4-4/